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The deployment of the programme in Benin started in 2014.

To date, 100 NV projects have been carried out for the benefit of more than 880 people, 71 NV apprentices, masons and artisans are active on the market and 7 local employees are involved in the dissemination of the programme with the help of local partners.

Country information

  • Population in 2018: 11,4 million (52,6% rural)
  • GDP per capita: $901 (World Bank 2018)
  • Climate: Sudano-Sahelian in the north (AVN intervention zone) and sub-equatorial in the south

Key data

  • 2011: 1st NV constructions requested by first clients and partners
  • 2012 et 2013: Exploratoy missions and recruitment of a national coordinator
  • 2014: 1st AVN local team and opening of Djougou region
  • 2015 et 2016: 1st projects, masons and apprentices trained and local partnerships
  • 2017-2018: Regional duplication in Tanguiéta
  • 2018: implementation of the IU-IT strategy

Territorial Rollout

  • 2 Zonal Office (Djougou and Tanguièta)
  • 8 Implementation Units (IU)
  • 11 indirect action zones

Buildings constructed

To date, there is more than 100 NV projects carried out in Ghana for an area of approximately
2,700 m2, for the benefit of more than 880 people. The average annual growth is 38% since the beginning of the programme in 2014.

The results observed after 5 seasons of deployment signify the emergence of a growing NV market destined to establish itself over the long term.


In 2019-20:
  • 27 worksites completed representing a built area of 650 m2
  • 81% of buildings used for housing
  • 86% built in rural areas
  • 15 new localities with at least 1 NV building
  • 22% of sites found independently by NV masons (without AVN’s intervention)
  • 192 new user-beneficiaries

Update August 2020

Training of a workforce

In 2019-20, 71 apprentices, masons and artisans are active in the NV market in Benin.


In 2019-20:
  • 71 active apprentices, masons, artisans and entrepreneurs (+54%)
  • 42 apprentices who began their training this season
  • 53 new qualifications (45 apprentices, 16 masons and 7 artisans)

Training activities: 17 modules

  • 16 on-site training: 11 Grouped Building sites Training – Access to Housing (GBT-AH) and 5 Reinforcement on Building site – First Clients (RB-FC)
  • 6 Technical Module on Specific Stage (TMSS)
  • 13 academic modules

Update August 2020

Local partners

AVN’s IU-IT strategy involves strong mobilization of partners.

Operational partners (OP)

Implementation Territory - Operational Partners (IT-OP) involved:
  • AVIGREF Pendjari
  • UCCPA-Ouaké

Relay partners (RP)

no partner listed

Technical partners (TP)

no partner listed

Institutional partners

no partner listed

Notable projects and activities

Here is a selection of remarkable projects and activities implemented in Benin in recent seasons:

Current projects

Project "A bioclimatic construction industry for youth employment in North Benin"
Funded by the European Union (EU)
Sept. 2020> Sept. 2022

This project supports the implementation of the program for the dissemination of a bioclimatic habitat carried by AVN and its partners in Benin, a vehicle for vocational training / employability, climate adaptation / mitigation, environmental protection and strengthening of local economies.

Projects completed before 2019

  • Partnership with Amici dell’Africa

The collaboration between the Italian association Amici dell’Africa and AVN began in 2015 with a project to build a refectory / kitchen / store in VN for an orphanage in Djougou, then consolidated in 17-18 with the construction a second building of the same use, for another reception center.

"Our choice of the VN concept is justified by the use of locally available materials, comfort and aesthetics: we find the harmony of nature in this architecture. In addition, the VN promotes job creation and the strengthening of the local economy: this is why we contributed to the funding of training last season. The children who live in this center and the volunteers of the association very much appreciate these buildings. We receive a lot of visits to the reception center, including local personalities: these visitors are always impressed by the comfort and aesthetics of the buildings.

The local AVN team was very available to provide support at every stage: awareness raising, visit to demonstration sites, validation of plans, contact with a NV mason, development of the estimate, construction and follow-up of training. The qualities of the artisan mason in charge of the site (Nédaradoua Bayoulou) were a considerable asset. We are very satisfied: our adventure with AVN is not going to end there!"

(Interview with Davide Colombo, co-founder of Amici dell’Africa)

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