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AVN is mobilized in many networks of development actors, to participate in collective actions for the SDGs, to share its experience and to involve partners in the success of its objectives.

1% for the planet
AVN’s project - Sustainably financing the eco-construction of decent housing adapted to climate change in West Africa through the sale of carbon credits - was selected to participate in the meetings for the planet 2021 by the 1% collective for the planet.

Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC)
Initiative of France and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), launched at COP21 in Paris, the [Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction calls for awareness of the impact of the building sector on greenhouse gas emissions and brings together state, private and non-governmental actors to promote innovative and adapted solutions. AVN has joined the Alliance since its inception and is actively involved with it on the international stage.

World Alliance for Efficient Solutions
Since COP23, AVN is part of Global Alliance for Effective Solutions, established by the Solar Impulse Foundation, which brings together key players involved in the development, financing or promotion of products, services, processes and technologies that protect the environment in a cost-effective manner. 1000 of the most promising solutions will be selected and presented to governments, businesses and institutions at COP 24 to encourage them to adopt more ambitious environmental goals and energy policies.

Sustainable Buildings and Construction (SBC)
AVN joined the Buildings and Sustainable Buildings Program in 2017. It is about sharing good practices, defining projects, to create networks of cooperation and to engage the actors of the whole world in the sustainable construction.

Climate Coalition 21
Climate Coalition 21: On the occasion of the Paris Climate Conference (COP21), many organizations decided to meet to launch a strong momentum mobilizations. This coalition brings together a hundred or so organizations and movements, and continues to grow.

Comité 21
The Comité 21 is the first network of sustainable development actors in France. It facilitates the appropriation and deployment of sustainable development within organizations and territories, supports the development of responsible approaches and produces prospective studies and analyzes. AVN was admitted as a member in 2017.

Coordination Sud
AVN joined the Coordination Sud network, the first French development network, in 2014, through its membership of the CHD. AVN is involved in the Climate and Development Commission, which works on strengthening action taken in the fight against climate change.

Humanitarian Coordination and Development (CHD)
The Humanitarian Coordination and Development (CHD) aims to affirm the specificity of international solidarity organizations (OSI), to encourage coordination actors in the field, to bring together the OSIs and represent them with private and public partners. AVN joined the CHD in 2014.

Forum of International NGOs in Mali (FONGIM)
The Forum of International NGOs in Mali (FONGIM) has validated AVN’s membership in the thematic group "Energies and Climate" . Joining this network will allow AVN to capitalize on its experiences and create synergies with other members.

Desertification Working Group (GTD)
The Working Group Desertification (GTD), animated by the Center of Actions and International Achievements (CARI) is a platform of actors mobilized in the fight against desertification. The GTD represents a force of proposal in France, in the Sahel (RéSaD: Sahel Desertification Network) and in the world (Drynet: international network of NGOs). AVN is a member of the GTD because it is directly involved in the problem of desertification in the Sahel countries.

Occitanie Coopération
AVN is committed to the regions with the multi-stakeholder network Occitanie Cooperation, which brings together regional structures for cooperation and international solidarity. AVN wishes in particular to sensitize development actors active in West Africa to the importance of community buildings adapted for amplified benefits.

Permanent Secretariat of Non-Governmental Organizations (SPONG)
AVN Burkina joined the Permanent Secretariat of Non-Governmental Organizations (SPONG), a Burkinabè collective that brings together a large number of national and international development actors, foundations, research and training centers and networks operating in the territory.

Schwab Foundation - World Economic Forum
Thomas Granier and Seri Youlou, founders of AVN, are part of the Schwab Foundation network. They received the social entrepreneur award given by the foundation in 2012.