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Businesses and foundations, offer financial and human support to the establishment and growth of the Nubian Vault programme.

Financial Support to the Programme

Support AVN’s programme and its integrated strategy in one or several country(ies) and for one or more field(s) of activity: training, awareness, incentives, microfinance, etc.

A long-term commitment by our partners sustain our activities and allows for the essential growth of the programme.

Skills Sponsorship

Your business’ skills can contribute to AVN’s programme and its development.

Communication and Outreach

  • Production of promotional/topical videos
  • Infographics
  • Printing outreach materials

Technical Expertise

  • Technical and/or quality studies on the NV concept
  • Production of technical drawings


  • Production of monitoring and statistical analysis tools

Equipment Donation

Improve our staff’s working conditions by the gift of equipment:

  • IT: laptops, smartphones, printers, other devices, etc.
  • Photography material: photo and video cameras, tripods, etc.
  • Office equipment and supplies


Create a profit-sharing for AVN! Contact us to set up together a collaboration.