Better Building in Africa


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AVN’s programme improves living standards, economies and vocational training for the many through the emergence of an appropriate housing market in the Sahel. The Nubian Vault Association invites its donors to consider themselves as social investors creating social impacts (society, economy, environment).

Supporting the programme as a whole is key because it allows AVN to have:

  • Flexibility in investment choices, essential to develop its activities in favour of local populations;
  • A positive, direct and growing impact on the field;
  • Capacity for action through lasting funding.

How to contribute?

I want to give:

  • By mail: I download and print the donation form and send it, with my gift, to Association La Voûte Nubienne - 7, rue Jean Jaurès - 34190 GANGES
  • Via secure online payment on our partner Global Giving’s website

I wish to help in some other way

You may know in your own circles people who would be interested in the Nubian Vault and would be able to support its expansion:

  • People like you who wish to support a different, innovative and efficient humanitarian project;
  • Associations and NGOs seeking a sustainable building system, vector of local employment;
  • Socially responsible businesses that want to give back;
  • African representatives and policy makers, and their Western counterparts;
  • African diasporas trying to help their parents and home countries.

Tell them about us!