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The Nubian Vault Association is a non-profit association working through a social entrepreneurship approach.

Community Life

In 2021, AVN has 30 active members including a Board of Directors made up of 6 members who are responsible for the moral and legal duties related to their positions:
- Benoît Lambert, President, Designer (retired)
- Anthony Kaye, Vice president, University professor (retired)
- Jean-Marie Crombez, Treasurer, Retailer
- Michel Lenthéric, Secretary, former director of ADEME and former regional councilor (retired)
- Jean-François Naud, Administrator, Film director
- Mand Ryaira Ngarara, Administrator, Public service executive

The Board of Directors meets once a quarter, including a General Assembly in September, to which members of the association are invited to participate.

AVN’s articles

France: The Nubian Vault Association is an independent french association under the law of 1901. The registered office is located at 7, passage Voltaire - 78 400 Carrières-sur-Seine in the Yvelines, and the offices are at 7 rue Jean Jaurès - 34190 Ganges (Herault).

International: Policy and Code of Conduct on Prevention and Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

International: "Shared Ethics", Charter of Coordination SUD and its members

International: Memorandum of understanding with The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

Burkina: A partnership agreement was signed between the Burkinabé Government and AVN on May 18, 2009, in order to frame the commitments of each of the parties relating to AVN’s activities in Burkina Faso.

Mali: On March 11, 2011, the Government of Mali officially authorized AVN to carry out all of its activities in the territory of Mali.

Senegal: On October 27, 2014, the Senegalese Government officially authorized AVN to operate throughout Senegal.

Ghana: On February 21, 2017, the Government of Ghana officially recognized AVN as an NGO acting on its territory.

Benin: On August 14, 2015, the Government of Benin officially authorized AVN to operate throughout Benin.

AVN General Meeting

Join the association as member!

In view of the growth of the program, the Board of Directors wishes to reinforce its expertise by inviting development, company or administration stakeholders to join its ranks. Would you like to use your skills in the areas of the AVN program (housing, vocational training, advocacy, social economy, project management, etc.) and invest your time to support its development?

  • Contact our President:
    The membership fee to the Association la Voûte Nubienne is 10 € / year.

Human Resource

French Team

General Direction
  • Thomas Granier, Co-founder & General Director

Administrative and Financial Division

  • Coraline Le Borgne, Director of Financial Division
  • Julie Gomez, Administrative and Financial assistant

Prospects Division

  • Sylvia Maeght, Project Development Manager
  • Fabienne Dubey-Brodkorb, Africa Project Development Officer
  • Annette Huraux, Project manager, Project monitoring, Prospect and Advocacy
  • Jean-François Bocchini, Project manager for "improvement of accounting and financial procedures"

Training Division

  • Valérie Sandres, International Coordinator Training Division

Monitoring and Evaluation Division

  • Céline Robert, Director of Monitoring-Evaluation
  • Robin Neyroud, Monitoring-evaluation and reporting assistant

Communication Division

  • Chloé Adloff , Communication Manager

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Burkina Faso Team

National Team (Boromo)

  • Séri Youlou - Founder, National Director
  • Boubacar Ouily, National coordinator
  • Alimata Mollé, Administrative and Financial Manager
  • N’taâ Fatim Traoré, Administrative and Financial Assistant
  • Adjaratou Yoin, National Production Officer
  • Nébilé Loué, Assistant National Production Manager
  • Yomboé Bado, National Training Officer
  • Romaric Nabaloum, National Technical Advisor
  • Gilbert Goumwendkouni Nana, Monitoring and evaluation officer (Expertise France Project)
  • Maïmouna Sawadogo, Multipurpose agent (training, communication, cash desk)

International / Africa

  • Sébastien Turcaud, National Coordination Assistant and Africa Project Manager
  • Augustin Tonavo, Coordinator of the Africa Training Center

Dédougou Antenna

  • Houdou Bagayoko, Antenna Coordinator, Field Manager
  • Issouf Yogo, Head of Training and Antenna Production
  • Tiguiani Sanogo, Antenna Training Officer

Yako Antenna

  • Daniel Sankara, Antenna Coordinator, Field Manager
  • Yembi Bazongo, Head of Training and Antenna Production
  • Denise Gnoumou, Administrative and Financial Assistant

Koupéla Antenna

  • Nedanra Tiéné, Antenna Production Manager
  • Aimé Nana, Project Manager (ENABEL Project) and Antenna Coordinator
  • Mafarma Sanou, Administrative and Accountant Assistant (ENABEL Project)
  • Joseph Sedgo, Antenna Training Officer

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Mali Team

National Team (Ségou)

AVN Mali team (National)

  • Souleymane Boubacar Diarra, National Coordinator
  • Néhémie Tiénou, National Production Manager
  • Osée Kamaté, Administrative and Financial Manager
  • Dramane Konaté, National Training Officer

International / Africa

  • Mariam Guindo, Africa Financial Pole Coordinator and Africa Internal Control Officer

Dioïla Antenna

AVN Mali team (Dioïla)

  • Adama Siaka Diarra, Antenna Coordinator
  • Adama Moumine Diallo, Antenna Production Manager

Koutiala Antenna

AVN Mali team (Koutiala)

  • Balla Dembélé, Antenna Coordinator

Banamba Antenna

AVN Mali team (Banamba)

  • Mamadou Baba Diarra, Antenna Coordinator
  • Mohamed Samake, Antenna Production Manager
  • Fatoumata Dembele, Assistant Training Officer

San Antenna

AVN Mali team (San)

  • Michel Tienou, Antenna Coordinator
  • Mamadou Amidou Dembélé, Antenna Production Manager

Sikasso Antenna

  • Chadrack Dembélé, Antenna Coordinator

Antenna of Bla

  • Souleymane Koné, Antenna Production Manager

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Benin Team

Donga / Djougou Antenna (National Coordination)

  • Narcisse Sare Ali, National Coordinator
  • Fernando Kouagou, Administrative and Financial Manager
  • Bariétou Mamam Soumanou, Administrative and Financial Assistant
  • Fortuné Ozias Zoumarou, National Training Officer
  • Moudachirou Dramane, National Production Manager

Atacora / Tanguiéta Antenna

  • Appolinaire Nambigou, Antenna Production Manager
  • Julien Doffa, Antenna Training Officer

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Ghana Team

Garu (National coordination)

  • Emmanuel Azumah Atubiga, Antenna Coordinator

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In order to improve the implementation and steering of activities, during the season AVN established an organisational system broken down into Departments and Divisions:

  • the Operational Department works on the effective and geographical implementation of AVN activities in the areas in which the programme is present
  • the Expertise Department includes the Market, Technical, and Business Units
  • the Management Department is responsible for programme support activities (financial management, prospects, operations)

> Download the AVN Organigram