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Policy makers, housing issues are at the heart of the challenges for development in your territories. The Nubian Vault concept is a sustainable and adapted approach for an eco-responsible transformation of the African housing stock.

Integrate the Nubian Vault in your development plans

To meet the needs for housing of populations and the objectives of contemporary development plans, it is critical that the entire building sector be progressively adapted to today’s economic, social and environmental stakes.

This sectoral policy must be translated into the emergence of an “adapted housing” sector, backed by the relevant institutional stakeholders.

Commission Nubian Vault public and community buildings

Health Centre in Sobel Diam-Diam (Senegal)

The Nubian Vault concept meets the specific needs of public and community buildings, with added sustainability and durability assets:

  • Improving the living standards of your citizens, with comfortable facilities adapted to all uses
  • Environmental protection, through low-carbon building and no use of wood, enabling mitigation and adaptation to climate changes
  • Exemplary buildings of keen interest to funders and partners and of added value for subsidies or grants
  • Boosting local economies by job creation, promotion of local know-how and the use of non-imported materials.

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