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AVN Steering Committee: a strategic event for the programme

AVN’s end-of-season Steering Committee brought together some 40 participants at the beginning of July in Burkina Faso to analyse the season’s results, and to discuss the evolution of the programme, its methodologies, and priority strategic orientations.

A refined methodology for regional strategies

This season an important role was assigned to workshops on the programme’s key themes: technical and entrepreneurial training, awareness raising and the kickstart method, incentives to accelerate market growth etc.

Members of the regional, national, and international teams worked together on the operational improvements needed, identifying the drivers for each methodology in the light of the different contexts. This collaborative work was a great success, and will facilitate the definition of strategies for each regional team and for the various centres.

Some serious discussions were also held on the internal organisation of AVN, in view of a better definition of each staff member’s roles and more efficient working methods.

The next stage: to update our methodological corpus, refine our regional and central strategies so as to combine growth with a balanced budget, refine each staff member’s job description, and develop internal communication in the light of new activities.

Next meeting: at the start of the 2017/2018 season, for Committee approval of the new season’s strategy and budget.

The 2016-2017 season in figures


  • 450 worksites completed, a 6 % growth rate as a result of the consolidation of the Programme
  • 92% of clients are from our key target group
  • 3500 new beneficiaries (+15 %)
  • 30% of worksites included strengthened training activities
  • 720 active NV masons (+15% / all levels), including 300 new apprentices
  • 50 NV artisan masons involved in entrepreneurial training (Mali & Burkina Faso)
  • 15 housing micro-credits approved for completed construction projects in Burkina Faso

On a larger scale, the advocacy initiatives to integrate the NV concept into public policies are showing signs of success this season, and are opening up new opportunities, especially in Burkina Faso.

[1Estimations, all countries, June 2017

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