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The Mayor of Ouagadougou to be involved in deployment of the NV

At the end of March, the Mayor of Ouagadougou, Armand Roland Pierre Béouindé, and Thomas Granier, CEO of AVN, signed a partnership agreement which aims to accelerate the the diffusion of adapted construction techniques in Burkina Faso, and in particular in the conurbation of Ouagadougou.

This partnership comes under the aegis of the Politique Nationale de l’Habitat et du Développement Urbain (PNHDU), linked to the Plan National de Développement Économique et Social du Gouvernement (PNDES). These political orientations imply a choice of ecologically responsible techniques adapted to local populations and economies, such as the NV, for the construction of public and community buildings.

At the present time in Burkina Faso (and more generally in the Sahel), adaptation of the construction sector is necessary and tends to attract sponsors and hence financial backing. This implies:

  • greater use of locally resourced construction materials,
  • reduction of the need for imported materials with a high negative environmental impact,
  • significant improvements in passive thermal and hygrometric performance and users’ comfort levels,

including a varied range of architectural proposals and competitive costs.

There are plans to construct some demonstration buildings and help support the training of technical staff from the construction sector.

This three-year partnership will:

  • promote the inclusion of adaptation of the construction sector in the development plans for Ouagadougou;
  • respond appropriately to the construction needs of the conurbation;
  • help train and accompany technical staff of the municipality in charge of the sector, as well as artisans, construction firms, and other relevant actors;
  • help preserve and highlight the country’s architectural heritage;
  • involve advocacy and awareness raising activities for political decision-makers, development operators, and international cooperation partners.

AVN is delighted with the perspectives for this new collaboration. Partnerships with national and local authorities are levers for accelerating the diffusion of the NV concept and for multiplying the impacts responding to local development challenges.

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