AVN is not formally established in the UK or the USA, but we do have a representative in each country:

- James Stewart in the USA

- Tony Kaye in the UK.

In addition, an informal network of contacts and support exists in these and other English-speaking countries, providing help for fund-raising, publicity, and approaches to potential sponsors and partners.

International Recognition for AVN

AVN has been successful with several submissions, in English, for major international competitions run by organizations based in the USA or the UK.

  • Winner of the Ashoka Changemakers Competition on Affordable housing, 2006
  • Tech Awards Laureate (Tech Museum, California), Economic Development, 2007
  • One of 11 “...outstanding finalists” for the World Habitat Award (BSHF, UK), 2009
  • One of the 25 laureates (out of over 1500 initial submissions) in the World Bank Development Marketplace Competition on Adaptation to Climate Change, 2009
  • One of 18 semi-finalists (out of 122 submissions) for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, (USA), 2012.


Winner, 2006

Laureate, 2009

Finalist, 2009

Laureate, 2009

Sponsorhip and Donations

AVN is represented on the Global Giving-USA and Global Giving-UK websites, with regular updates on our activity every three months. Tax-exempt donations can be made by residents of the USA and the UK. By the end of 2011, $8,100 had been raised for AVN via Global Giving...

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Contact AVN

AVN has a representative in the USA (James Stewart), and in the UK (Tony Kaye).

Click here to contact our representative in the USA

Click here to contact our representative in the  UK