A selection of individual buildings


The oldest Nubian Vaults in the world: At the Ramasseum, Luxor, Egypt (1,250 BC)



Nubian Vaults in Mexico - Stevan de la Rosa, 2010 (Stevan learnt the NV Technique with AVN in Boromo)


NV Onion Drying Barn, Mali


ASF Community Health Centre, Mali, 2010


kobe College, mali:  Africabougou 2010



sansira koro School (under construction), Mali , 2010


petit Bale Church, Boromo, Burkina Faso



first NV Mosque in mali: dendjola 2009


djindjinebougou school, 2008_


NV + Reinforced concrtete technique, 2007


NV + Reindforced concrete prototypes


first NV mosque in Burkina Faso: kongoussi ,2006