By Sector

The Rural & Semi-Rural Sectors

This top priority sector comprises more than 80% of AVN's activities and impacts, driven by our 'pump-priming' strategy, implemented by our teams in the regions of Boromo, Burkina Faso, and Ségou/Koutiala in Mali.

In Burkina Faso in 2011 the program has two principal axes:
- the pilot  region of Boromo has been extended by the opening of a semi-permanent base in Dédougou, the 6th main town in the country
- at a national level, a new program has been opened in the pilot region of Koubri, south of the capital, Ouagadougou.

In Mali, the 2011/12 season has seen the installation of the new national AVN team in its premises (a NV building) in Pelengana (Segou) and further growth in the construction of village houses and mosques in the region.

In Sénégal, a new program of rural housing has been launched in Podor (Region of Saint Louis) in the north of the country, with the coillaboration of an experienced development NGO, le Partenariat, based in the town of Saint Louis.

An example of a rural NV house

The general strategy in this sector is reinforced by AVN's support - locally and intertnationally - for the emergence of semi-autonomous markets in NV housing, and through the activities of franchised partners in these three countries.

The UrbaN Sector

The urban sector is arousing increasing interest amongst our potential partners and local authorities. New solutions to the urban housing problem are being sought, and the NV technique and promotional strategy is one possible solution.

In Sénégal, the urban market in the town of Thiès seemms to be gradually taking off, led jointly and semi-independently by Burkinaké and Senegalese NV masons.

Construction of a two-storey NV building in Thiès, Sénégal

In Burkina Faso, a group of French investors and partners are currently working on a proposal for a pilot project to build an urban development of 20 or so NV houses.  This would be a first of its kind, and involves detailed analysis of the relevant financial, logistical, administrative, technical, and architectural issues.

complex Buildings

Since the completion of the technical training centre (La maison des énergies) in the region of Matam, Senegal, in 2010-11, there have been few new developments in this sector. Nevertheless, we believe there is a strong potential added value to the incorporation of the NV concept into large and complex construction schemes, as this example demonstrates.

La maison des énergies - CCVD - Matam, Sénégal

New Countries

A new program was opened in Benin in November 2011 with a  franchised partner, technical pilots have been started in Madagascar and Rwanda, and we are continuing to work on the development of a NV program in Zambia and Botswana. The first NV construction sites are due to start in Mauritania in January 2012. .

The first NV pilot building in Madagascar (near Tananarive)


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Technical R & D

Current research and development trials are being carried out:
- on techniques and materials to minimise (especially for urban clients) the maintenance demands for earth / adobe buildings
- on the use of earth bricks and mortar for foundations in regions where there are no local resources of rocks.

Technical trials of the use of tar for roof protection