Second NV house in Mauritania

This beautiful house in the Guidimaka region (Arabic: ولاية كيدي ماغة‎) of Mauritania, was built recently by Moussa Kanoute, a NV apprentice in Mauritania: an imaginative adaptation of the NV technique to local vernacular traditions. He lives in the house with his family, in their village of Ouloumboni.

Moussa Kanoute built the house after only three months training with NV masons from Burkina Faso! For the time being he will be working on NV construction sites in Senegal, before returning to Mauritania as an NV mason.


This is the second NV house to be built in Mauritania, and marks the start of what we hope will become a new AVN program - Guidimaka is the southern-most region of Mauritania, bordering both Senegal and Mali, and is thus well-placed geographically as a possible nucleus for an eventual AVN program in this desert country.