Results & Impacts

A Summary of the overall results & impacts to date (Sept 2014)

The main results so far:

  • Since the start of the program, 2,420 vaults * have been built by NV masons and entrepreneurs, for 120 clients, in 570 locations (villages, hamlets, towns) in 5 countries of the Sahel (Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Benin, and Ghana)
  • If all the vaults built were placed end-to-end, this would reach a total length of 18 km
  • 80% of NV buildings are houses, and 20% are for community use (churches, mosques, community centers, schools...)
  • 328 NV masons have been trained, of whom half are at the foreman and/or entrepreneur level
  • There are currently over 400 apprentices in training
  • Since 2000 the program has experienced an average annual growth rate of 32%.

* NB: a standard vault , our unit of measurement, has internal dimensions of 7M long X 3,25 M wide - most village houses comprise one or two vaults)

And we estimate the impacts of the Program as being:

  • 17,000 people use, live in, or sleep in NV buildings;
  • 28,000 corrugated iron roofing sheets have been economized
  • 3,300 trees, have been saved, and 4,800 tons of CO2-equivalent economized,  as a result of NV construction, as compared to the alternatives
  • 1,750,000 Euros of local economic impacts have been generated.

One of the most encouraging outcomes is that over one-third of the NV construction market is now completely autonomous and self-sustaining: 23% of NV clients are found directly by NV builders / entrepreneurs. Of the remainder, 34% come via a local intermediary or ’champion’, and 43% via AVN itself. So, in the regions where AVN is active, we are well on the way to a growing and independent market in NV construction, permitting us to soon move on and target our resources in new regions.

Map of deployment (August 2014)

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Projections from now until 2025

INDICATORS Medium Optimist
Annual Growth Rate 36% 40%
Nb of formed masons 4 000 6 000
Nb of annuals constructions site 7 600 10 600
Ha annuals NV 27 38
Nb of beneficiaries 310 000 400 000
€ generated localy 33 millions 42 millions


Read a Summary of Results & Impacts 2011-12 (13 pages, pdf, 600K)