Private Sector

Companies, Corporates, Foundations

We invite you to support the promotion and deployment of the AVN Program financially, and with your human resources and professional networks, by becoming Professional Social Investors.

AVN would provide you with regular updates of your returns on this 'social investment'. And, depending on your organization's fiscal environment, a proportion of any financial support may well be tax deductible.

what are the options ?

You can participate technically and financially in the existing AVN Program in Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, or Zambia - or indeed, propose other countries - on a one-off or ongoing basis, in various ways:


Support the Program as a whole

For example: The Hermès Foundation (Clément Leduc) has been investing in the global AVN Program since 2008, providing support both to the Program in the field, and to its logistical back-up and management services in France.


Support a specific national, regional, or local Project

In a given cluster of villages which you have chosen, we can together set up a four -year project to pump-prime a local market in NV housing. This would cost around 2,500€ per year, and would result in at least 20 vaults, 4 trained masons, 200 direct beneficiaries, an injection of the equivalent of 10,000€ into the local economy, and a carbon saving of 40 tons of CO2-equivalent.


For example : Valoa Consulting (Jean-Luc Chaouche) is supporting the deployment of the AVN Program around the pilot village of Passakongo, Burkina Faso. Over 4 years, some 20 houses will be built, and 4 local NV masons trained, laying the basis for a self-sustaining market in NV construction in the region.


Support a specific campaign or issue

Your organisation may be concerned with specific issues (health, education, womens' rights...) and wish to support the construction of appropriate buildings or housing.

For example: The French PPR Foundation for the Dignity and Rights of Women is supporting a project of access to micro-credit facilities for womens' housing in Burkina Faso, in collaboration with the NGO 'Entrepreneurs du monde'. The first house in this project '1 femme, 1 toit, des droits' was completed in April 2011, for a member of a local womens' solidarity group. Altogether, 10 village women will benefit from this project in its first two years, and a nucleus of trained NV masons will have been created.



> For more information

For more information on these three options, and/or to be put in contact with the organizations and foundations already supporting AVN's work, contact AVN Development Director, Antoine Horellou ( / +33 (0)6 98 21 7000 ).