Official documents

AVN Constitution & Statutes

The Association La Voute Nubienne (AVN) is registered with the French Government, and regulated under the terms and conditions of the Law of July 1st, 1901 and the Decree of August 16th 1901, and subsequent Decrees.

The Association has a President (Tony Kaye), a Vice-President (David Sillou), a Secretary (Jean-Francois Naud), a Treasurer (Jean-Marie Crombez), and a Management Committee (Conseil d’Administration) of nine (Thomas Granier, Jean-Marie Crombez, Jean-Francois Naud, David Sillou, Tony Kaye,  Annelies Hollewand, Gérard Douchet, Emmanuelle Schatz, and Natalie Guillou). The Association holds regular Assemblées Générales to decide on ongoing issues and strategies.

The official documents recognising and authorising the establishment of AVN in France, Belgium, Burkina Faso, and Mali, can be viewed below:

> Statutes of AVN - FRANCE (in French )

> Statutes of AVN-Belgium ( in French)

> Partership Agreement: AVN & the Government of Burkina Faso (in French)

> Authorisation of AVN in Mali (in French)