more than a donation: a social investment

Think of yourself not just as a donor, but as a social investor, with a return on your investment being, not in cash, but in social, economic, and ecological benefits.

The various options are shown below:

One-off contributions can be made via PayPal

Payments can be made from anywhere in the world; you do not need a personal PayPal account - just click on the Donate button

Cheques and Bank transfers

>>  By cheque, made out to "La voûte nubienne" , sent to:
Association la Voute Nubienne, 7 rue Jean Jaures, 34190, Ganges, FRANCE

>>  By bank transfer to our account :
Bank : Crédit Coopératif, 33, rue des Trois Fontanot, BP 211, 92002 Nanterre Cedex, France
Bank Identification Code (BIC): CCOPFRPPXXX
Account: La Voute Nubienne
International Bank Account (IBAN) No: FR76 4255 9000 0921 0291 0280 674

USA and UK  Residents can make tax-deductible donations via Global Giving

One-off or regular monthly donations can be made via the secure Global Giving website:

There are two options:

Please note that Global Giving operates a 15% fulfilment fee on all donations, to cover administration costs: for example, if you donate $100, AVN will receive $85.

Residents in France can also make tax-deductible donations

If you are based in France, or can easily set up a monthly standing order (SO) or Direct Debit (DD) from your own bank; a regular contribution of, say 10 or 15 Euros is one important way of helping.

Such guaranteed regular contributions play a key role in the running costs of the program, and demonstrate to corporate and institutional sponsors that many people ’out there’ believe in the importance of our work.


Marie-Cecile is one of hundreds of social investors with AVN in France. She says: " I don't consider my investment of 5 Euros per month in AVN's Program as a charitable gesture: I feel that my contribution has a direct and growing impact in the field, because AVN operates on a human scale and provides me with regular, transparent, feedback on the results of its work. It costs me a tiny amount each month, and, on top of that, I get tax relief on my contributions. The system is effective and straightforward."

You could print out and complete the direct debit authorisation in the PDF file below, and return it to the AVN Treasurer at the address shown on the end of the form.

To contact the AVN Treasurer, Jean-Marie CROMBEZ

Mail :