In sub-Saharan Africa, the struggle to obtain decent housing plunges millions of families into a vicious circle of poverty. Association la Voûte Nubienne (AVN) offers a solution to this problem, based on three integrated concepts:

  A Roof + A Skill + A Market


AVN organises the training and support of local teams to promote this solution on a large-scale. As a result, families can acquire affordable, sustainable, and decent housing, at the same time improving their economic conditions, their quality of life, and their environment.

Check out the video below for a 1 minute overview ...

Nubian vault construction uses local skills and labor and renewable materials for sustainable low cost homes and other buildings. They are environmentally friendly and far cheaper, more comfortable and longer lasting than the widespread, but expensive and sub-standard cement block, metal roofed buildings. NV building creates jobs, reduces poverty and releases scarce resources to go to improved nutrition, health, education, and capital for improved economic productivity.

AVN works to diffuse NV techniques and initiate local markets so that local people take ownership of the concept to become clients, builders, or partners. Trained NV masons have built more than 2,000 homes and other structures for their clients. The aim now is to spread this successful economic development experience to new areas, from the three initial countries of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Senegal into neighboring countries, especially Ghana and Benin.


 Results & Impacts of the AVN Program by September 2013