Key dates

2011: Choice of northern Ghana as a suitable region for the deployment of AVN’s program;

2012: Two exploratory missions by the architect Kramer in Bolgatanga and surroundings, and Accra;

2013: Recruitment of Giulio Cocchini, future National Coordinator for Ghana, after one year's training in France and Burkina Faso;

2014: Two missions of Giulio Cocchini in Bolgatanga and Accra confirm the relevance of opening AVN’s programme there; provide the opportunity to meet relevant stakeholders (local associations and institutions, ministries, Ghanaian NGOs and private clients); allow the selection and recruitment of an Extension Agent Cabral Adagewine. The first local resource-persons and first clients are identified, local masons are met and informed and an agreement for the concession of a plot is initiated for the construction of AVN’s office.

2015: Territorial deployment is initiated and first NV Burkinabe masons go to Ghana for the construction of AVN’s office and the first private and public buildings on which accelerated training is implemented for local masons and apprentices. In September the AVN National Office was officially inaugurated in the presence of representatives of local authorities and organizations. By the end of the 2014/15 season, six NV buildings had been completed in northern Ghana, ranging from a henhouse to the wing of a royal palace,  and 12 Ghanaian apprentices were in training. Thomas Dietrich recruited as Deputy National Coordinator.

2106: Departure of Giulio Cocchini replaced as National Coordinator by Thomas Dietrich. Recruitment of John Akunai to open a new AVN region around Garu.


AVN National Office, Bolgatanga

AVN-Ghana team

The team is composed of three employees:
- Thomas Dietrich, National Coordinator
- Cabral Adagewine,  Regional Production Manager
- John Akunai, Regional Coordinator, Garu

The national office is based in Bolgatanga city center, epicenter of the Bolgatanga Pilot Zone Deployment Programs from where the public awareness programme is deployed.

Giulio Cocchini and Cabral Adegwine in their office in Bolgatanga

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Map showing deployment of AVN's Program in Ghana

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First activities and achievements in Ghana

The recent missions of Giulio Cocchini in Bolgatanga and Accra, the previous missions of Niek Kramer and the work of AVN-France laid the foundations for the project’s opening in the season 2014/2015. The main achievements so far are:

  • Analysis and validation of the conditions for the positive deployment of AVN’s program. 
  • Selection and recruitment of M. Adagewine, a 33-years old graduate from the Bolgatanga area, with previous experience in NGOs, as the first Extension Agent;

Cabral in AVN-Ghana office

  • Agreement with the Department for Community Development for the 10-years concession of a plot of land for the construction of AVN office, also serving as first pilot NV building; 
  • Identification of the teams of Nubian Vault masons that will leave for Ghana for training the first Ghanaian masons and apprentices, while working on the first NV buildings; 
  • Identification of local resource-persons, available and willing to help AVN in various ways, on a voluntary basis, for the deployment of the program: local institutions staff, master masons, an architect expert in local materials, community traditional chiefs, etc.

District head of Bongo (in traditional costume), a key spokesperson with communities

  •  Meetings to raise awareness of the NV technique in the villages surrounding Bolgatanga, targeted particularly on local masons and apprentices;
  • Targeting of the potential clients and partners for the first NV buildings in the area, including the Nyariga Doone Mother’s Club, for the construction of a vocational training dedicated to the women members of the Association;
  • Presentation of the program and starting of contacts with several local and national institutions and ministries (Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly, Upper-East Regional Council, Department for Rural Housing, Environmental Protection Agency, Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing, Minister of Environment, Science and Technological Innovation, etc.) as well as national and international NGOs. The goal is to establish field and financial partnerships in the medium- and long-term;

Discussion with Bongo Head of District (left) and Ministry of Energy representatives (in front)


In January 2015, construction of the very first Nubian Vault started in Ghana:

An IT Centre in the Green House Village, an eco-lodge in Karimenga, Northern Region. Two master masons from Burkina Faso, Simporé Tegawendé and Foro Roland, are training the first Ghanaian apprentices.

The first VN construction site in Karimenga

Stakeholders in Ghana

Social Investors:

Development particulars or professionals financially investing in the programme's deployment in Ghana.

For the entire programme

Discussions are currently going-on with other foundations wishing to be implicated in the programme's deployment in Ghana. Their names will appear here once negociations are completed.

Field partners

NGOs or local organizations which are involved, through financial investment of human resources, in promotion of the NV Concept:

Discussions are currently going on with other local organizations wishing to be involved in the deployment of the AVN Programme in Ghana. Their names will appear here once negociations are completed.


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