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«Together we can promote the Nubian Vault, as quickly as possible, for as many people as possible  By deploying its Program on a large scale, AVN's aim is, by 2020, to create a true market in NV construction, allowing the populations of African countries to save billions of Euros, and gain a better quality of life, at the same time as protecting their environment and their culture. We need your help to realise this goal.»

Seri Youlou & Thomas Granier, Co-founders of AVN

You can invest in the AVN Program as a private individual, as an executive of a company or foundation, as a local or central government official, or as a member of an NGO or association working in Africa.



Become an individual social investor in the AVN Program through your donations

Become a private sector corporate or foundation investor

Through public sector investment, bring the NV program to your villages and regions

Become a Field Partner of AVN through your NGO or Association