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Partners in Burkina Faso

Current partners

Association Kombi Naam de Gomponsom pour le Sahel (AKNGS): In contact since 2012, AKNGS and AVN have signed a partnership convention in 2014 that aims at the dissemination of the NV concept, the realization of NV farm buildings and community buildings, the training of local youth and the strengthening of its members’ capacities.

Les Amis de Gomponsom supports the work of AKNGS.

Union des Baoré - Tradition d’Épargne et de Crédit - Naam (UBTEC): A microfinance institution, UBTEC is AVN's partner since 2014 for the development and implementation of a NV housing microloan, in the Yako area, with the help of AKNGS.

Association Via Nebba:
A partner in the Nebba Region since 2010. AVN trained one of its contributors from Burkina Faso to popularize the NV concept in the country's eastern provinces.


Association de Promotion de la Finance Inclusive du Burkina (APFI-B): A microfinance institution, APFI is AVN's partner since 2015 for the implementation of a NV housing microcredit offer, in Dedougou region.



Union des groupements Naam de Boussé (UGN-B): AVN's partner since 2014, for the implementation of the NV in their area of activity. This partnership has been suspended during the season 2015-2016: an internal conflict at UGN-B means that AVN has no more contact person there. The dozen or so volunteers involved are nevertheless continuing awareness-raising activities with AVN.

Groupe de collaboration internationale en ingénierie de l’Université de Sherbrooke (GCIUS): During the season 13-14, the GSIUS has provided funding and follow-up for the completion of 3 NV buildings for onion storage (with the SEMUS) in the Yako region. The GCIUS conducted hydrothermal analysis to judge the relevance of NV building for that use.


Association Solidarité et Entraide Mutuelle au Sahel (SEMUS): A local aid and development association, the SEMUS supported the GSIUS on the completion of 3 NV buildings for onion storage in the Yako region.


France Volontaires Burkina Faso: The purpose of France Volontaires (FV) is to support volunteers and their projects by connecting them with NGOs or businesses and providing them advice. FV provides work spaces to AVN in Ouagadougou.

former partners

  • Association Sini Landa du P.I.A.M.E.T
  • Fondation du théâtre de la pleine lune
  • Union des groupements des producteurs des céréales du Nayala (UGPCER-N)

Partners in Mali

current partners

Association Teriya Amitié Mali: Teriya Amité supports the development of populations in Niéna. In 2015, it was the project manager for the completion of a production unit for Misola flour, to fight malnutrition of vulnerable people and to give women and youth a better access to employment.

Association des Organisations Professionnelles Paysannes (AOPP): Ségou AOPP was the first Malian farmer organization to enter a partnership with AVN in Mali (2013), to implement joint projects in the Segou region.

Miniankala-Kafo - Inter-collectivité de Koutiala:  Miniankala-Kafo is a development and production union of 36 municipalities from the cercle of Koutiala. It helps AVN to disseminate the NV concept through awareness-raising and information workshops for development stakeholders (NGO, social-professional organizations, etc.).

former partners

  • Association Africabougou (Italia)
  • Terre et Humanisme
  • Association AIASS-Solidarité
  • Intervida Mali
  • Fondation Triodos Banque Belgium
  • Association d'Aide Gao

Partners in Senegal

current partners

Le Partenariat: A decentralized cooperation operator between Saint-Louis in Sénégal and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region for over 30 years, Le Partenariat manages since 2010 the deployment of AVN's programme in the North of Senegal (Podor department), including awareness-raising of local institutional actors and the tracking of community building projects.

Malem auder: A partner since 2015, this Belgian association has achieved two VN construction projects (their office building and a health centre). Malem Auder supports rural awareness-raising in Kaffrine department and manages community building projects.

Aide et Développement Gembloux (ADG) is active in Senegal since 2000 to help local organizations acting for rural development. ADG and AVN are partners since 2014 to facilitate the deployment of AVN's methodology and offer admin & financial management support.


Association les Jaambar de Ngueye Ngueye: A farmers’ organization, AVN’s partner since June 2014, ALJ supports the deployment of AVN's programme in Bambey area (DPZP-C of Ngueye Ngueye), including the construction of NV agricultural and community buildings.


Association OPDAD (Organisation pour le Développement Autonome de DialaKoto): A local development association, AVN’s partner since October 2014 on the franchised deployment of the programme in East-Senegal (Dialakoto area) including territorial animation, the implementation of NV construction sites (including community buildings), and the management of NV masons.


PCE Instruments : In 2015, "PCE Instruments" supported AVN through equipment donation for data logging, as part of a hydrothermal and cooling needs study for buildings in Senegal.


Association Mama Kolodine : At the end of 2016, this association has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the construction of a NV school in Sandicoly.


former partners

  • Oceanium

Partners in Benin

former partners

  • Dassari-Benefiz

Partners in ghana


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