Dubaï Award

Our mission is to develop an autonomous, self-sustaining market in affordable housing for 50% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa who have no access at present to adequate, safe housing.

Our program is simple:  A Roof , A Skill, A Market ! 

The Nubian Vault (NV) is a simplified, standardized, and proven adaptation of an ancient Egyptian building technique based on vaulted roofs made of earth (adobe) bricks, using only locally sourced materials (earth, water, rocks…) to build houses, mosques, schools or other buildings. 

Masons  are trained through apprenticeship programs, learning on the job on actual Nubian Vault construction sites

We accelerate the development of local and autonomous markets through which, once started, the Nubian Vault technique is diffused organically. 

No dependence on aid : 

The clients pay 100% of the Nubian Vault price to the mason in cash, exchange, or barter. All the masons are independent entrepreneurs, AVN's role is only to pump-prime the market, not to pay for houses nor to train masons (apprentices are trained on-site by NV master masons).

Our impacts

Major international recognitions: 

  • Schwab Foundation - Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2012,
  • Winner of the Dubai International Award to improve living conditions 2012,
  • Buckminster Fuller Challenge Semi-finalist 2012,
  • World Habitat Awards Finalist 2009,
  • World Bank Development Marketplace Competition 2009,
  • Tech Awards of Innovation 2007,
  • Ashoka's Changemakers Prize for Affordable Housing 2006. 

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