AVN in UN Habitat Report on Sustainable Housing

AVN's programme figures in a recent report by UN Habitat : Going Green : A Handbook of Sustainable Housing Practices in Developing Countries. The AVN case study - one of ten key projects in the world featured in this Handbook - is on pp 107 - 110.

AVN's philosophy is well reflected in this extract from the Executive Summary:

" The handbook introduces the linkages between current urbanization in the developing world, the housing sector and global warming. The housing sector is in a key position to mitigate climate change making environmentally friendly affordable housing strategies opportune and crucial. The housing sector is the single most efficient sector that can, without extra costs, address the issue of climate change. Scaling up efforts of making the housing stock of developing countries more environmentally friendly can make a great difference in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as improve quality of life and human wellbeing. In order to achieve sustainable housing a comprehensive approach is needed that includes not only environmental but also social, economic, cultural, and institutional sustainability dimensions."

The Handbook is published from UN-Habitat's base in Nairobi, Kenya.

Click here to download the Handbook (pdf, 6.9 MB)