AVN Senegal

Association la Voûte Nubienne  Sénégal


Email: avn-senegal@lavoutenubienne.org

N°: + 221 33 954 12 12.
Quartier Grand Thialy - Thiès


National Program Coordinator : Fanny Dupuis

Miss Dupuis is a sociologist and qualified urbanist; after carrying out, as a volunteer, a three-week study of the background, current state and potential of the AVN program in Senegal, she has agreed to take on the role of Coordinator of AVN's work in the country.

Mail : fanny.dupuis@lavoutenubienne.org
Mobile : +221 77 881 79 55

Assistant National Coordinator: Emmanuelle Schatz

Emmanuelle is an architect and local development expert who has previously worked with AVN-Burkina Faso in 2011-12, and subsequently on the adaptation of the NV technique to urban environments in 2013.  Using her experience gained with other NGO's and the AFD (Agence Francaise de Developpement), she joined AVN-Senegal in November 2015 to work with Fanny Dupuis on planning the deployment of the AVN Program in the country (with a view to her replacement).

Email : emmanuelle.schatz@lavoutenubienne.org
Mobile. : +221 77 423 61 83

Project & Professional Training Assistant: Nassima Chariet

With previous experience in local development and immigrant populations in Marseille and Turkey, Nassima is based jointly in Sénégal and Burkina for the 2015-16 season. She is coordinating the follow-up of AVN's projects in the five countries where the program is deployed, and is helping the setting up of a pilot project for the professional training of NV masons as entrepreneurs. She is also helping in the development of local partnerships with professional training organisations in Senegal.

Email : nassima.chariet@lavoutenubienne.org

international Technical Assistant: Samuel RODRIGUES


An architect of seven years' standing, Samuel has international experience of different earth architecture construction techniques. At the moment he is working on developing the technical competences of NV artisans, enterprises, and technicians, essential for the development of insitiutional and urban NV markets.


Email : samuel.rodrigues@lavoutenubienne.org