AVN in the media

In English

Most of the press and broadcast coverage of AVN has been in French, as it is a French NGO, working predominantly in francophone countries. Below is a selection of material in English:

Nubian Vault Houses to Help Bridge Housing Gap (April 2016)By Offei-Akoto Ayeh, A1RADIOONLINE.com, Ghana

> A Roof, A Skill, a Market (May 2013): essay by AVN member John Thackara on the Design Observer website.

> Interview on Dubai Media: March 2013, during acceptance of Dubai International Award

> No Tech Magazine (2013): Nubian Vaults - a brief article about AVN

> BBC World Service Radio (May 2011): a broadcast item about AVN's program in Mali

> FuturArc (March 2010): Learning by Doing

> World Habitat Awards website (2009): AVN was one of the 11 finalists for this Award

> DOMUS Magazine (2008) : An article in English and Italian about AVN in this prestigious design journal

> The Social Design website: an item about AVN



In French

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