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Bolgatanga (National Office)

Garu Region


national office: bolgatanga region

AVN is now formally established in northern Ghana, with an office in Bolgatanga, built by NV masons on a site provided by the Department of Community Development of the Upper East Region  (inaugurated on November 25th 2015).

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Address : AVN Ghana
BP 196, Junior Staff Quarter
Bolgatanga, Upper-East

Thomas Dietrich - National coordinator

With a degree in management of development projects, Thomas has previously worked in Benin for an NGO promoting wider acces to education. During the 2015-16 season, he partnered with Giulio Cocchini in the further deployment of the AVN program in Ghana.

Mobile: 00233 50 49 75 152
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Skype : dietrich.lavoutenubienne

Cabral Adagewine - regional production manager

With a strong professional experience in development cooperation and an excellent knowledge of local languages​​, Cabral has been working with AVN since September 2014. He is assisting the deployment of AVN's program in Ghana, especially in the region of Bolgatanga, where he is from, and is thus very familiar with the socio-economic and political context.

Mobile: 00233 50 21 99 991
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Skype: cabral.lavoutenubienne


garu region

John Akunai - regional production manager - Garu region

John has 30 years' experience as an artisan-mason, and has now joined AVN, after being involved as AVN's local 'champion' / key-person in Garu since the start of our programme in Ghana. He was recruited in September 2016 to open a new AVN region in Garu. His technical and personal skills, together with his excellent knowledge in the field, are real plus points for AVN-Ghana.

Mobile: +233 50 88 55 703
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Skype: akunai.lavoutenubienne


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