AVN in France

AVN in France

The headquarters of AVN in France has the following roles:

  • adminstrative and financial management of the Association and its resources
  • technical, logistical, training, and administrative support to our teams in Africa, both at a distance and through regular missions
  • individual and corporate fund-raising, grant applications, preparation of submissions for national and international awards and competitions
  • networking between our teams in the field, our partners, sponsors and investors
  • promotion of the 'Earth roofs in the Sahel'  program through publicity events, and communications media, notably this website
  • medium and long-term strategic planning.


Composition of AVN in France (jan 2011)

AVN-France is formally constituted of 31 members (of whom 7 sit on the Management Committee), a team of 5 salaried staff, and a network of volunteer supporters.  IT support and accountancy is provided by external contractors.

Current members of the management committee are :

  •  Benoit Lambert - President
  • Anthony Kaye- Vice-President
  • Jean-Marie Crombez - Treasurer
  • Jean-François Naud - Secretary
  • Gérard Douchet
  • Annelies Hollewand
  • Nathalie Guillot




Three past AVN Presidents:
Régis Poudevigne, Tony Kaye
, Thomas Granier

AVN employs 5 salaried staff in France : 

  • Thomas Granier, Director General / CEO
  • Carole Martin, Administrative & Financial Director
  • Cécilia Rinaudo, Development Director
  • Céline Robert, Programme Coordinator
  • Julie Gomez, Administrative Secretary


For contact details

AVN Statutes


Locations in France

The registered office of AVN is in Colombes (les Hauts de Seine), near Paris.

The main operational office is in Ganges, near Montpellier, in southern France; most of the team work here, and it is here that the Management Committee meets.

Regional groups are active in Brittany and Paris.

Partners & Sponsors

At the moment

In 2013/2014, the main professional social investors (Foundations, Companies, Public Bodies, Associations) involved in our programme are : 

In addition, some 500 individual social investors in France support our work through on-off or monthly donations.

In the past

Since the start of the programme in 2000, AVN has received financial support from many investors, including: