AVN in Burkina Faso

The AVN team in Burkina Faso is located in premises built by NV masons in Boromo, a small town on the main road mid-way between Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso.

AVN Team, Boromo (December 2013)

AVN offices, Sector 1, Boromo

For general queries

Mail: avn-bf@lavoutenubienne.org
Mobile: 00 226 76 64 37 64
Post: BP 505, Boromo - Secteur 1, Burkina Faso

Operations Director & Technical expert:  Séri Youlou

A farmer, Séri co-founded NVA, with Thomas Granier, in 2000. Based in Boromo, Burkina Faso, he is responsible for the operational deployment and management of the teams of VN masons working in the ’Earth roofs for the Sahel’ program.

Mail : avn-bf@lavoutenubienne.org
Mobile: 00 226 76 70 63 31

BP 505 Boromo - secteur 1- Burkina Faso

National Coordinator: Boubacar Ouily

A qualified economist, Boubacar joined NVA-BF in 2011 as the team's accountant. In 2012 he was appointed the national coordinator for Burkina Faso, the first African nominated to this post (previously held by an expatriate French advisor).

Mobile. : 00 226 75 48 24 00
Mail : boubacar.ouily@lavoutenubienne.org


Field Officer, market promotion: Adjaratou Yoin

Adjara is responsible for putting potential clients in touch with trained NV masons, helping to develop a semi-autonomous market in NV housing in the region.


Mobile : 00 226 76 64 37 64
Mail : adjara.yoin@lavoutenubienne.org


Admin & Finance Officer: Bertrand DABIRE

Working with the different regions in Burkina,  and with NVA in France, Bertrand manages the budget and accounts, and general administration, for AVN-Burkina Faso.

Mobile: 00 226 66 88 83 84
Mail: bertrand.dabire@lavoutenubienne.org


Field Officer, Records & Liaison: Korotimi BARRY

Korotimi is in charge of the centralisation of records of NV building sites, and of putting potential clients in touch with NV masons and entrepreneurs as part of our strategy of developing an autonomous market in NV construction.

Mobile: 00 226 74 35 14 45
Mail: korotimi.barry@lavoutenubienne.org
Skype: korotimi.lavoutenubienne


Project Officer (VSI): Giulio COCCHINI

Giulio joined NVA-BF as a VSI volunteer at the end of 2013. He is helping the team in developing and following up contacts with local partners. He is also involved in identifying the right conditions for the opening of new NVA programs in neighbouring countries, Benin and Ghana in particular.

Mobile: 00226 65 42 43 38
Mail: giulio.cocchini@lavoutenubienne.org
Skype : giulio.lavoutenubienne

Coordinator of AVN Program in Koubri region:  Joel Amadou Ouedraogo


Joel joined the NVA-BF team in January 2011 as a rural extension agent, and opened up the AVN program in the region of Koubri village, his birthplace.


Mobile: 00 226 74 80 91 69
Mail: joel.ouedraogo@lavoutenubienne.org

Coordinator of AVN Program in Dédougou Region: Houdou BAGAYOGO

Houdou is responsible for NVA's promotional program in the region of Dédougou, assisted by two extension agents, Maxime Mantoro and Andrea Pare.

Mobile: 00 226 66 88 83 88
Mail: houdou.bagayogo@lavoutenubienne.org

Coordinator of AVN Program in Yako Region: Simon Ouedraogo

Simon is responsible for NVA's promotional program in the region of Yako, assisted by two extension agents, Yembi Bazongo et Tikwendé Ouedraogo.

Mobile: 00226 66 88 17 20
Mail: simon.ouedraogo@lavoutenubienne.org,



Coordinator of AVN Program in Bama Region: SAmi Kam

Sami is responsible for NVA's promotional program in the region of Bama, assisted by the extension agent Alidou Sanon

Mobile: 00226 64 74 45 24
  Mail: sami.kam@lavoutenubienne.org


Responsible for follow-up of partnerships : Jean-Guy Ilboudo

An Economics graduate with good experience of setting up projects, Jean-Guy has been responsible since April 2014 for monitoring, supervising and facilitating the partnerships signed between NVA and three community based organizations in Burkina Faso.

Mobile: 00226 74 32 34 11 ou 00226 70 33 62 75
Mail: jeanguy.ilboudo@lavoutenubienne.org


Boromo : Reception / show houses / guest house

The Hôtel des Voûtes provides simple, inexpensive accommodation; it is operated independently of NVA. Visits to NV houses and buildings can be arranged by the Reception.

   Manager : Blima Nébié

   Mobile: 00 226 76 04 67 41
   Landline : 00 226 20 53 81 84

Ouagadougou : Contact / Show House

Please contact our team in Boromo to make an appointment.