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Better Building in
West Africa
(General Public) - 2016


Better Building in
West Africa

(Entreprises) - 2016


 The Nubian Vault
(Field Leaflet) - 2016


The Nubian Vault :
a low-carbon solution

(Climat Leaflet) - 2016


Manifesto for
Sustainable Housing
in Sahelian Africa


Global Presentation of
AVN's Programme


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> MONITORING, EVALUATION & IMPACTS (2012) A 'dashboard' presentation of cumulative results and impacts, and country summaries of 2011-2012 season results (PDF, 630 KB)

> Going Green: A Handbook of Sustainable Practices in Developing Countries (2012) AVN's programme figures in this report by UN Habitat. The AVN case study, one of ten key projects in the world featured, is on pp 107 - 110. UN Habitat Nairobi, 2012 (PDF, 7,2 MB)

> CHINESE/ENGLISH BROCHURE (2012) An A5 brochure prepared for the World Economic Forum meeting in Tianjin, China, Sept 2012 (PDF, 8.5 MB)

> Presentation of AVN Program in Arabic (2012) , prepared for the Dubai International Award (PDF, 5.4 MB)

> Presentation of AVN Program in English (2012) , prepared for the Dubai International Award (PDF, 2.2 MB)

> FRENCH/ENGLISH BROCHURE (2012) An illustrated 22-page A5 brochure (PDF, 4.5 MB)

> SEED BROCHURE (2012) A flyer produced for the SEED symposium, Johannesburg (PDF, 3.25 MB)

> Summary of Impacts (2011) An illustrated slide show (19 slides) (PDF, 3.1 MB)

> AVN Brochure (2011) A seven-page brochure about AVN (PDF, 6.4 MB)

 > AVN Brochure (2011) A 3-folds leaflet about AVN (PDF, 4.6 MB)

> Earth Roofs in the Sahel: A Case Study (2009) A 23 page account of the AVN Program, its rationale and impact, with illustrations, plans, and charts, marking the 10th anniversary of the Program. (PDF, 1.2 MB)

> Ghardaia Conference Paper (2006) A case-study of the AVN Earth roofs in the Sahel program, delivered at the conference Living in Hot Deserts, Ghardaia, Algeria, Dec 2006. (PDF, 1.0 MB)